Android MCIM



The MCIM.apk file can be found in the above archive under /bin


Javadoc for the project can be found under /doc/javadoc/ in the above archive.

To do

Below is a (non-exhaustive) list of tasks that still need to be accomplished. It can also be found in doc/TODO.txt in the above archive.


  • Revise the display of database info (e.g. viewing MCIs) from its current implementation as a table to something that displays better on the mobile device. The table implementation does not translate well from computers to mobile devices, largely due to the difference in aspect ratio. We could try adding a scrollbar, but it would probably still be a less than optimal implementation
  • Make forms work better. Right now, fields are generated on a button click and the button texts and click listeners are changed around. The best implementation, perhaps, would be the following: there are XML layout files for each form, and when a form is to be displayed, the tab on which the form is to be displayed is cleared and in its place the XML layout is added (the form layout file should contain a "Cancel" button to return to the original tab). Once the form is submitted succesfully, the original layout should be restored. I tried implementing this, but it wasn't too successful. See the ViewInflate class for this. Alternatively, find another form implementation.
  • Implement synchronization. Unless Android adds a good mechanism for remote database access, it looks as if we will need to use XML-RPC or SOAP or some such thing.