CCSCNE 2008 Workshop


Teaching and Building Humanitarian Open Source Software
2008 CCSCNE Workshop


  • Ralph Morelli, Trinity College
  • Trishan de Lanerolle, Trinity College
  • Janardhan Iyengar, Connecticut College

Introduction (Ralph, 20 min)

A Typical Web-based Development Environment (Jana, Trishan 20 min)

Download and Install (Trishan and Ralph, 15 min)

Break (15 min)

Warm up Exercises (Time permitting. Jana 10 min)

VMOSS (Sahana) Volunteer Management System (Ralph, Trishan 35 min)

Sample Courses (15 min)

Wrap Up Discussion (All, 50 min.)

  • Pedagogical Issues??
  • Applications to CS curriculum??
  • Spring 2009 Curriculum Workshop
  • Starting a Project at Your School