Credentialing Discussion with Prof. Fedrich GWU

personal info .... --> personal identification information (passport etc) --> 3 or 4 levels down. Lowest level -> verify that they say who they are ID. II level (job description) Can you prove you do what you say you do? --> all of the above and additional detail. Show Card or verify with employer (phone call) if she/he works there and what training the have. US has web-based sites that you can use to check credientials. Government agency for records

III level --> Talk with boss about person and verify skills.

For job you define three levels ( Emergency level, regular level, advanced level)

Must have a trained credentialing person to use the system?

Put people in the queue until they get checked? US based. necessary to run background checks.

Privacy issues, access only to specific levels.

have a open system where a project manager can check off that a volunteer has been validated. Have the ability to create customized checklists that can be associated with a position.

Minimal system. General comments field, should be added. Have a guideline document for the credentialing person on what needs to be done. Link it to the job description.

Have you seen original, have photo copies on hand digital copies on system. Careful not technology overkill!!!. Have a file number field to store location of file.

Need a date or simple feature to have expire dates of certain credentials. Log who made changes etc.. log information in the system. Record log of all action who wants them and when for auditing. Sahana API has ability to capture logging information.

free form template creation, ie when a user creates a new credential form they like, they can dynamically generate a template from it to use later. ie create a template for a dr. can reuse for another with say a check mark "create template" and a option use template.