Development Tools: SVN, PHPMyAdmin, and PhpDoc

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In General: A Source Code Management (SCM) System

  • Manages multiple revisions of same code base.
  • Allows multiple concurrent developers.
  • Manages locking, synchronization, and concurrency.
  • Manages versioning history and project forking.

We use: SVN Subversion (

  • Apache/BSD Style Open Source License.
  • New Features--beyond CVS Concurrent Versions System (
    • Directories, renames, meta-data are also versioned.
    • True atomic commits (entire commit must succeed).
    • Apache or stand-alone server options.
    • GUI Clients (including Eclipse support).
  • SVN Overview.

PHPMyAdmin Database Management Tool (

  • Create and drop databases.
  • Create/drop/alter tables and fields.
  • Execute SQL commands and manage keys on fields.

PHPDocumentor Tool (

  • Open source auto-documentation tool for PHP (similar to JavaDoc).
  • Written in PHP, with command-line and GUI interfaces.
  • Eclipse plugin.
PHPDocumentor Generated Document

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