Download and Install the Development Environment

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WARNING: Software packages currently beta versions.
Windows(XP, Vista) and Mac(Leopard, Tiger) Installers will be provided to workshop participants.


Workshop Package Contents

  • XAMPP 0.7.0 (Apache, MySQL Servers)
  • Eclipse 3.3 (Europa) with PHPEclipse and Subclipse plugins
  • Sahana/VMOSS
  • Windows workspace: C:/HFOSS/workspace
  • Mac workspace: /Users/<user>/hfoss/workspace

Mac Installation

Windows Installation

Linux Installation

At this time we do not provide a *nix compatible installation package.

Follow the following document for Ubuntu/Debian users, who want to configure the LAMP stack.

Follow the following steps to install XAMPP on your linux installation.

Download and install a compatible copy of Eclipse IDE:

  • For workshop purposes we suggest Eclipse with PHP plugin.

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