Functionality of the Prototype

Supported Functions

The AppTrac system prototype should support the following basic functions:

  1. The prototype should be a kiosk style application for student users, with a Web-based interface for administrators.
  2. User authentication: Both student and admin users should be able to register and login to the system. The MySQL database should contain tables to support registered users of the system and the various roles.
  3. Student User Activities: Once logged in, student users should be able to start two different lab applications, a literacy training application, such as Lexia, and a Web browser with a pre-defined URL.
  4. Time logging and monitoring: Once a student user is logged in, the system records timestamps for the following activities: logging and out, launching and quitting and activity. These data will be available for reporting functions.
  5. Admin User Activites: Once logged in, an administrative user should be able to add and edit users, customize launchable applications such as Lexia or the Web browser, and select and display reports from a pre-defined menu.
  6. Report generation: The prototype should support two or three simple reports, each of which requires retrieving and processing data from the MySQL database.


  • Student Users Report: A list of all registered students ID,name and contact information.
  • Student Activity Report: A list of all active students and a summary of their activity for a given time period.
  • Application Utilization Report: Summary of overall time spent broken down by application.

Known Limitations

Due to time constraints, the prototype will not include the following functions.

  1. There will be no connection to the actual LVGH or Lexia's databases. The prototype should create a prototype MySQL database, including fictional, but realistic data, for students and administrators. Enough data should be included to demonstrate the prototype's correctness.
  2. There will be no support for other users, such as volunteers and staff members in the prototype.
  3. It will not be necessary to format the various reports for printing. On screen displays will suffice at this stage.