GNOME MouseTrap To-Dos



  • new mission statement Written and posted.
  • updated repository link Posted.
  • new cool image Created and posted. (Thanks Nick!)
  • minor edits on main page Reorganized categories on MouseTrap page.
  • update Installation page
  • fix the case-sensitive url
  • Update/make user-friendly "Using MouseTrap" page
  • “Mouse Movement Methods” pages don't currently exist: remove links or make pages


  • Get webcams that work (somehow.. )
  • Get Mousetrap installed and running
    • Issues:
    • Lab computers don't have proper version of Ubuntu


  • Possible feature additions:
    • Mouse click with mouth Better solution is to use the dwell click feature of Gnome.
  • Possible bug fixes:
  • Documentation fixes:
    • Make initial comment block documentation consistent
    • Make user and dev guides BETTER/put online?
  • Rearrange backends
    • Move the add_message method from to
    • Add a call to add_message in
    • Test!
  • Add option to change frames per second.
    • Do it.


  • Make IRC/chat channel Done:, #mousetrap
  • Reach out to other accessibility outlets to inform them about MouseTrap


  • Add_message stuff
  • Make framerate and pointer-update rate configurable.

Should framerate and pointer-update rate be configurable? Why are the defaults set at 150/50? It seems that tracking might be smoothable by tweaking this options.

  • User documentation (how to use mousetrap): nicolae/sarah
  • Developer documentation (how to develop for mousetrap)--bored
  • Step-by-step installation guide--Rachel
  • How-to-contribute-to-Mousetrap guide--christopher isak
  • FAQ--total team effort