HLearn User Manual


First you will need to login to the Online Navigational Tool.

After you've entered your username and password, you will see the first form of the tool. Here is where you fill in the student's name and address.

You may fill in the work address or home address, or both, but one of them needs to be in Hartford, CT. Choose that one for the application. If the student is uncomfortable finding a literacy center close to their home or workplace, fill in your organization's address as the 'Work' address, and choose 'Work' from the dropdown menu.

Next, you are asked to strike up conversation with the student about their English literacy experience and comfort levels.

Fill in the form provided. This will be printed later to give the contact at the literacy center an idea of where the student currently stands.

The tool will then locate the nearest literacy center to the address specified. It will display a map and directions, and information about the literacy center such as name, address, and hours.

Click on 'Make an Appointment.'

The literacy center information, including a phone number, is displayed at the top of the page. This next step does not involve the tool, and you will need to call the center and make an appointment for the student at a reasonable time. Fill in the appointment information in the form displayed.

Some of the information, such as the student's name, the literacy center selected, and the current date and time, have already been filled in for you. Click on 'Get Directions.'

This final page displays all of the information you have entered so far. The appointment information is located at the top, and the map and directions below it.

At the bottom is information about the literacy center, student, and student's literacy answers.

From here you may print the page for the student and then logout or start a new screening for a new student.