How to Setup and Use EasyEclipse



EasyEclipse is an open source software project hosted in Sourceforge that provides several bundled distributions of the Eclipse IDE pre configured with plug-ins for special purposes such as Python programming, Ruby on Rails, PHP codes, etc. It's primary purpose is to provide easy-to-install and -use distributions of Eclipse, which is an open-source, platform-independent software framework, written primarily in Java. For more info: Easy-Eclipse Home Page

EasyEclipse Installation

Installation may very depending on the operating system in use.EasyEclipse can be downloaded on all systems. For further instructions, please refer to Quick guided tour to EasyEclipse.

For Linux, the software can be downloaded from either or The downloaded tar file can be extracted to a folder and the software should be ready to use. A slight modification to the eclipse.ini file is necessary. This file should be in the folder where EasyEclipse has been extracted to. The new ini file should look like:


Using EasyEclipse

During first use, the software will prompt the user for a workspace. This is the folder where all the work done in EasyEclipse is saved. You can define the workspace folder destination during first use when prompted. To work on a new project:

 -Go to File -> New -> Project 
 -Then select from New Project ->svn -> check out from svn
 -Select next: -> select [create new repository location] give the location of the repository
 -Select the folder within the repository which you will like to work on.
 -Finally select Finish  which will load your accessible work space, where implementation of coding can be done.

Note: To remove the error message that is prompted everytime a file is opened in EasyEclipse stating: The connection was refused when attempting to contact localhost while switching between multiple opened files within a project simply:

 -go to  Window -> Preferences  
 -select  PHPeclipse Web Development   
 -select  Browser Preview Defaults   
 -uncheck the options given for  Default entries for Previewer

After setting up a functional workspace during first use, EasyEclipse will direct the user to the repository that he/she is working upon if/when the same workspace is selected later.

Accessible workspace from the Web

Create a symbolic link to your workspace in your public_html folder. Create if you have not created already a public_html folder This code is done in your terminal window do this is:

ln -s /home/username/pathtoyourworkspace /home/username/public_html/workspacename 

Note you can access your page by: