Platform and Server Software: Apache, MySQL, PHP

The LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) software stack is a widely used software environment for open source web applications. The LAMP platform also comes in WAMP (Windows) or MAMP (Mac OS) flavors. XAMPP is a free cross-platform package that runs on all three machines.

For this workshop, we use Apache 2.0 and PHP 5.


Apache Web Server (

  • Developed by Apache Software Foundation.
  • Free and open source, fast, scalable web server.

MySQL Database Server (

  • Free and Open Source, relational DBMS.
  • Uses Structured Query Language (SQL)

PHP Scripting Language (

  • Free and Open source, server-side, HTML-embedded.
  • PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository)


  • Easy-to-install cross-platform web server containing Apache HTTP Server, MySQL database, PHP and Perl interpreters
  • X = Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris

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