Humanitarian FOSS Directory

The Humanitarian FOSS Directory is a website developed to catalog past and present open source initiatives specifically designed to address humanitarian needs.

This website is designed to be public repository of information, where we welcome developers, users and those in the know to submit projects for inclusion in the H-FOSS directory. We do not own or endorse any or all of the software applications listed.


  • Ernel Wint (ConnColl)
  • Alex Marcus (ConnColl)
  • Antonio Alcorn (Trinity)(Retired)

Currently under development.


  • Fix form for web entry.
  • Hold online entries for moderator approval. Need online interface
  • Capture the following meta data items per project
    • could be:
      • Management Interface/System - User Name & Password/Individual accounts
      • Logging IP Address
      • Humanitarian Sector of application (e.g. conflict resolution, NGO infrastructure, disaster warning, ..) - Ask humanitarian-ict list
      • Deployment Readiness - (need a rating scheme for this - e.g. unused, used in exercise successfully, used in live environment)
      • Case studies of use - with references
      • Quality Assurance Maturity - (e.g. No QA, Community driven QA, Funded QA, Mission Critical QA process)
      • Support levels - (e.g. community based support + commercial support + ..)
      • Programming languages used
      • Technologies used( what OS's are supported, what other programs do you need before you can run the application?) This could be a open ended question, possibly with another check box selection for operating systems supported.
    • See OpenBRR for some ideas of Open Source maturity ratings
  • Change logo removing Trinity simply Humanitarian FOSS Directory. (this is a suggestion).
  • Other tasks.

Additional changes, suggested by Jana

  • Project categorizations/types
    • Define; have mechanism for users to suggest additional types and give descriptions of them.

Comment(tdel) This could be the field name is a hyperlink that goes to a page where we describe what each field is. Or it could be a single link on the data collection form that says, about fields and it points to another page.

    • What do we want to capture with the topics information, should it be domain specific.
    • Have a mechanism for users to enter developer/user reviews directly on the site.

Comment(tdel): This could be accomplished by having comments boxes similar to blog posting, on the project details page.

Fall 2008 Development

  • The purpose of the HFOSS directory is providing a valid and up to date database of humanitarian organizations that provide any humanitarian services and good to people. This site is a slight reflection of a major search engine for humanitarian purpose with added features to add new and current organization with minimal maintenance of the database and web programmer. This site with future development will also incorporate download able files, given that organizations may provide software for humanitarian deployment.


    • Front end of the HFOSS directory for submitting organizations has been revamped.
      • The back end of the submitters page implements to correct mySQL and php MyAdmin to create new tables and field to for submitted information to be queried.
    • Altering the php scripts of the sites to query the required information.
    • Created a Moderator for the approval of project and editing the status of current projects.
      • Moderator will approves or denies new projects added to the directory.
      • Moderator can change the status of any current project in the directory.
    • Enabled a secure moderator pages
    • Implemented a commenting system,the new HFOSS commenting system was implemented with very basic functionalities.
      • As the commenting stands currently, there is a commenting paper where the user can select from project to comment on and submit to the project.
      • Only one comment appears currently per view project page.
    • The back end of the website we worked on improving some of the current code and writing more functional codes for web page and database improvement.
    • admin.php
      • This page is for list the entire project that has been submitted for approval along with their current status in the SUBMIT_PROJ table in the DB.This page is for the use of the moderator page.
      • admin.php
    • approve.ap.php
      • approve.ap.php approves handles the approving and denying projects.
      • approve.ap.php
    • comment.php
      • Is the basic commenting system that uses a list of all selected able projects to leave a comment.
      • comment.php
      • Handles the commenting information from the comment form.
      • Added more code to query data from the database for commenting system.
      • Moderator page for handling the status of current porjects/organizations.


October 31st: Roll out revised website front end.