SahanaVM/Installing a fresh copy from the Sahana CVS and committing to it

Installing a fresh copy from Sahana

Although, not necessary, change your working directory to the workspace where you want to install the fresh copy of Sahana. Then in the terminal window, check out a fresh copy of Sahana from its CVS repository by using the cvs command as follows:

knepal2@gofer:~/workspace$ cvs -z3 co -P sahana-phase2

The command will bring up a list of updates as Sahana installs on the computer in the 'workspace' folder.

You can make sure that the installation is complete by using the ls command to find the sahana-phase2 folder inside your workspace.

knepal2@gpfer:~/workspace$ ls
commit  expsnapshot  expsnapshot-2  expsnapshot-backup.tgz
expsnapshot2  sahana-phase2

Updating the VM folder

In order to replace Sahana's module with the Volunteer Management (VM) module, you would need to first remove the VM module obtained from the installation. To do that, use the following command:

knepal2@gofer:~/workspace$ rm -rf  sahana-phase2/mod/vm

The 'rm' command with '-rf' command will delete all files fomr the VM folder recursively and will force deletion of all non-existent files without prompting to the user. Now, having removed the older VM folder, you can replace it with your own copy. To do that, use the following command:

knepal2@gofer:~/workspace$ cp -R sahana-phase2/* expsnapshot/

Committing to Sahana CVS

1. Open Eclipse IDE and click File>New>Project.
2. Under Select a Wizard click CVS and choose Projects from CVS. Click Next
3. In the following screen, select Create a new repository location and proceed to the next screen which will ask for location, authentication and connection.
4. Under host type in Similarly type in /cvsroot/sahana under Repositry Path. Then type in your username and password under the Authentication fields and put in extssh as Connection Type. Click Next.
5. Type in sahana-phase2 as the module name. Click Next
6. Check Check out as a project in the workspace and give it a project name. Click Next
7. Check Use Default Workspace Location. Click Next
8. Select HEAD as matching tag and click Finish

You will see a new project called sahana-phase2 in the navigator window. Now update the VM folder (with the copy you are working on) from the terminal window by removing the the VM folder already in the project directory and replacing it with your local copy. Also, rememver to update the database setup script under ins folder under the project directory. The project directory is now ready to be committed with additional changes in the VM folder to the Sahana repository. Right click on the sahana-phase2 project title, and choose Team > Commit.... Add a commit comment and hit Ok. The commit is done!