Test Results - Chris Klein on Sahana .52-alpha

Test Results-Chris Klein Registered 50 Users 10 organizations and logged 10 incidents. Users were then assigned to these incidents accordingly and their information was updated/edited numerous times. The following bugs were encountered during this test...

1.) (Cosmetic) Assigning organizations to incidents does not post to new page or confirmation to the user. Information is updated accordingly, but when submit is clicked no message is displayed.
2.) (Bug) Able to add the same location more than once in the 'Add a Location' page under admin.
3.) (Cosmetic) Make Add location page more descriptive/ user friendly.
4.) (Cosmetic) In 'Shelter Registry' there should be required tags for the fields.
5.) (Bug) Still unable to select male from gender drop down during volunteer registration.
6.) (Bug) Unable to successfully load personal image during registration.
7.) (Bug) Incorrect validation of start and end date in vol. registration page. "Your end date must be after your start date" message displayed for correct start and end date.