Test Results - Colin Gigl on Sahana .52-alpha

Test Results:

1.) (Documentation) The help menu for the "Add Location" module is still very incomprehensible and seemingly out of date (same still as it was when we looked at it in class today).
2.) (Potential?) You can create multiple copies of a location in the "Add Location" module. For example, if you insert location name "USA" and hit submit, then just keep clicking submit, you can keep adding the same entry. Maybe have it so that even if the names are the same, they have to have a different description and/or ISO code?
3.) (Cosmetic) The Gray box in "Set Starting Location" needs some grammatical cleaning up.
4.) (Cosmetic) In "Shelter Registry" there should be *req'd tags for the fields.
5.) (Potential?) In "Shelter Registry" you can use symbols like "!@#" as an abbreviation, as opposed to just letters.
6.) (Cosmetic) In "Organization Registration" there should be a note by the "Organization Sector" list that tells the user to CTRL+click in order to select multiple entities.
7.) (Documentation) The same help menu from #1 also appears in "Organization Registration" when accessing the "Base Location" help menu.
8.) (Potential?) If you set the "Location Range" to a smaller range (example: Country to Country) and then Add a location, you can still add a state to the list (by selecting a Country from the list and then adding it like you normally would).
9.) (Potential?) In "Request Aid", you can make a request without specifying what type of ID you are using (if you select "Other" it never asks for what type of ID you are specifying).
10.) (Confusing) In "Request Location" (after submitting info to "Request Aid") I have no idea what "Location ID" is and it's req'd. The blurb above it doesn't really help to clarify.
11.) (Bug?) If a group/organization is created (for example, "Jones and Jones") to help out, then it seems that any new user who is created afterward is forced to be associated with that group or another group under "Work Details --> Affiliation".