The Humanitarian FOSS Project

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Project Motivation

  • Lets help our neighbors! (David Patterson, Nov. 2005, post-Katrina)
  • Join the open source movement! (David Patterson, Mar. 2006)

Project Goals: Can these motivations be channeled to

  • Help revitalize undergraduate computing education.
  • Build free open source software (FOSS) that serves the community.

Main Pedagogical Activities

  • Regular credit courses: Intro and advanced level.
  • Independent studies: Individual students and/or small groups.
  • Summer internship program (10 interns for summer 2008).

Main Financial Support

Why the Open Source Model?

  • Development Process: Transparent, based on merit and peer review.
  • Licenses: Free as in speech, not (necessarily) as in beer.
  • Distribution model: No restriction on derived works.
  • Pedagogical Virtues: Creativity, self-initiative, cooperation.

Current Development Projects (

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