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Downloading from a CD or Memory Stick

  • Copy the file SIGCSE-HFOSS-XAMPP-0.3 and ECLIPSE-WKSP-0.3 from the CD (or the memory stick) to your desktop.


  • Quit all applications except your browser.
  • Make sure the Apache and MySQL servers are not running on your system.
  • Make sure Apache 2 is not running--i.e., Stop Web Sharing in System Preferences.
  • If you have an existing XAMPP, temporarily rename the folder before installing workshop version.
  • You will need your administrator name and password for both packages.


Step 1. Install SIGCSE-XAMPP-0.3, which will install XAMPP in /Applications/xampp. To confirm that XAMPP is running, type http://localhost into your browser.

Step 2. Install SIGCSE-ECLIPSE-0.3. Select your home directory as Destination Folder, which must have global read and execute permissions. A directory named hfoss will have been created in your home directory.

Step 3 (Same as Windows). Start Eclipse; the application is located at <destination folder>/hfoss/eclipse/

  • Set the Workspace: You will be prompted for a workspace; select <destination folder>/hfoss/workspace.
  • Import the Preferences: Go to File->Import; Select General->Preferences; and click "Next."
    • Click Browse to select the file <destination folder>/hfoss/eclipse_preferences.epf; make sure "Import all" is selected; and press Finish.
  • Import Projects: Go to File->Import; Select General->Existing Projects into Workspace->Select root directory=<destination folder>/hfoss/workspace Click Finish.
  • Change to PHP Perspective: Go to Window->Open Perspective->Other; select PHP.

Shutting down XAMPP

To shut down XAMPP, start the XAMPP control panel that is located at /Applications/xampp/XAMPP Control Panel. You may need to authenticate as an administrator. Click on the "Stop" button for "All Components."

Additional Details

For a more detailed step by step installation guide click here