Time-Log Template


Keeping track of the time spent on various software engineering activities is important for monitoring progress and improving the development process. To help us with this aspect of the project, we will all be keeping a log of the time we spend on various project activities.


Download the Excel spread sheet, Open_Source_time_log.xls, and save it on your computer, renaming it myname.xls. Open the spread sheet in Excel, which contains two worksheets. Enter your name in the Log Sheet worksheet. Then, every time you perform a project activity—designing or writing code, attending a meeting, testing your software—make an entry in the spreadsheet of the actual time spent. The development activities are divided into categories, which are explained on the Definitions sheet. Time logs will be collected and tallied periodically. We are not grading these, but we do want to have an accurate tally of the time spent doing this project.

Downloading the Log Spreadsheet

Click here to download the template.