Touchscreen Toolkit Documentation



The touchscreen toolkit is a standalone package that contains the necessary javascript and stylesheets to give any HTML page a usable touchscreen interface.

Code Conventions

To avoid naming conflicts with pages that the toolkit is implemented in, all javascript functions or stylesheet classes in the toolkit are prefixed with 'ts'. A java-style naming convention is used, so 'tsInputTarget' is used rather than 'ts_input_target'.

In an implementation of the toolkit, it may also be desirable to add implementation-specific functionality. Any of these implementation-specific javascript functions or stylesheet classes should be prefixed with something other that 'ts' ('tsAux', for example) in order to avoid naming conflicts with any updated versions of the toolkit.


  • On-screen movable keyboard
  • Navigation bar
  • Vertical Scroll Creation
  • Enlarged inputs
  • Fires events on inputs when keys are pressed
  • Cross-browser capabilities (Tested in the latest FireFox, IE 6+)
  • Will transform any HTML document into a usable touchscreen interface

Download and Use

The touchscreen toolkit is still in development, but the latest stable version is available here:

To use the toolkit, simply include the above 'touchscreenToolkit.js' script and 'touchscreenToolkit.css' stylesheet in the 'head' section of any HTML page that you which to convert to use the touchscreen interface.