Using SVN in Eclipse for VMOSS project

Developing on the VMOSS project

Click Here for an SVN Overview
Click here for instructions on using command line SVN

VMOSS source code is hosted on subversion repository on As a developer you can download the code directly to your eclipse IDE annoymously; if you are on the VMOSS developers list you can commit your code changes directly to the repository.

Quick Start Guide

In Eclipse goto file-->New project Select + SVN --> Checkout Projects from SVN

  • Click Next

Select "Create a new repository Location"

  • Click Next

Enter the following URL:
  • Click Next

Expand the following tree and highlight the development branch you want to access. (load time can take several seconds) (For CPSC110, select branches/vmoss110)

  • Click Next

Select "Check out as project in workspace" and type a name of your choice for the project.

Editing and Updating

Once the project is created in your Eclipse workspace, you would edit and run it like any other Eclipse project. Eclipse will remember the repository information associated with the project.

To perform SVN operations (such as update, commit, etc.) you should right click on the project name. This will bring up a menu that includes several useful menu items, including the following SVN menu items (and others):

Team > Synchronize with Repository
Team > Commit
Team > Update
Team > Create Patch
Team > Apply Patch
Compare with > Base revision
Compare with > Latest from Repository
Restore with > Base revision
Restore with > Latest from Repository

Eclipse will handle the file transfers and report the results in a Console window.