VM module Feature requests list


VM Module Feature Requests List

Additional dataitems

  • Capture user images
  • Ability to store links to user blog or personal sites
    • may be store and display a rss feed
  • General Comments field
  • Administrative page to customize multi-select fields

User feedback

  • New Confirmation page for registered volunteers informing them of successful submission.
  • Have a publicly viewable limited profile of volunteers.
  • SPAM user verification
    • Application of CAPTCHA test for volunteer registration
      • This could be a rasterised image with letters to identify and type
      • In the form of giving the user a mathematical problem to solve, could be used to avoid problems for visually handicap users
      • Here's some image generating code to start with --Antonio

Searching & Reporting

  • Print out formated list of volunteers and their images with select data items
  • Search by skill criteria to find volunteers and projects that have/require special skills


  • Match existing style sheets
    • Error handling markup