Windows details



  • Disable any IIS services running through Admintools under Control Panel.
  • Disable active instances of Skype.

Downloading from a CD or Memory Stick

  • The installers will be available to workshop participants on site.
  • Copy the file HFOSS-1.x from the CD (or the memory stick) to your desktop.

Download Image from a Server (Warning: 158 Mb download 308Mb extracted)


Step 1. Run the package installer. Select C: as the Destination Folder.

Step 2. When installation is complete, click on C:\HFOSS\start_working. This will start Eclipse.

  • Set the workspace to C:\HFOSS\workspace.
  • Import the Preferences:Go to File->Import; Select General->Preferences; From Preference File = C:\HFOSS\eclipse_preferences.epf; and press finish.

Eclipse Import WindowEclipse Import Preferences Window

  • Import projects:Go to File->Import; Select General->Existing Projects into Workspace->Select root director=C:\hfoss\workspace -> Finish
  • Change to PHP Perspective: Go to Window->Open Perspective->Other; select PHP.

Step 3 Launch XAMPP from within eclipse by pressing the orange and white button on the toolbar.(XAMPP can also be launched from C:\HFOSS\XAMPP_Control_Control.

Things to Remember

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