AA's DC Notes

Governments can be uncooperative, e.g. Pakistan International Red Cross - nonprofit aid American Red Cross - jerks

GIS - need API key

Volunteers- track time against grant. Aid organizations fill out forms for which volunteers did what when; link that back to a grant.

over time period, measure: lives saved damage caused hours spent per type of damage

damaged equipment expenses

NIMS training http://training.fema.gov/ any single 200-level class.

Modify from IncidentCommander.net to use as Sahana training exercise

customizable installation

Date widget: specify expected format; probably use strtotime()?

Inventory managment


Synchro - use mesh networking (OLPC)? Need a way to check if syncs are required. Hash database?

ERIC Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges - Homeland Security Institute

TEEX - Texas Engineering Extension LSU New Mexico Tech Naval Postgraduate School Lost Puppy Module

SOA - Service-Oriented Architecture shelter management

Architecture Action sequence Form handlers Special Files Mod Special Functions Function overrides (?) Conf. vars Security Database schma Setup script

CVS - hosted by SF

VM: customize menu using conf values use _t() for localization

Camera input for registration/ID/ printing IDs barcodes for IDs

tab autocomplete with suggestion bubbles (text fields)

mod_rewrite for pretty URLs

currently only using dbcreate.sql; any need for setup.inc?

Stress/Vulnerability testing Ability to create reports/audits on functionality and data being collected i.e. this tool has reunited x number of people with their families (not just tracking 1 incident, but software's success over many)

Testing Statistics Security

testing required for some deployments requirements - how many concurrent users? e.g. New York had 2500 concurrent users. 125 transactions/sec.

Social engineering: educate users. Don't give information to people you don't know.

embrace change focus on what is important; what people need

crisis tools not used often; maybe only in exercises

standards compliance - business standards as well.

VM Changes

insert all standard locations in locations table

opt_location_type: inserted 0 for now don't use other code related.

no structural changes (?)

location uid changed to china's standard 6-digit code prev consisted of city, country

didn't use interface; inserted into db directly

no changes to location library no schema changes

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