AppTrac Application Management



  • Monitor usage of LVGH literacy software applications to better evaluate students' learning needs.
  • Streamline current report generation capabilities for management.


  • Develop a single user interface to LVGH applications that will allow access to students, volunteers, staff, and administrators.
  • Introduce a unified and centralized data gathering and processing capability to allow better tracking of disparate LVGH literacy software.


  • A single student portal for the LVGH application suite.
  • Interface with 3rd party user data from Lexia, Ellis, and other literacy applications.
  • Provide administrative capability to customize applications.
  • Generate customized reports that meet management/instructor needs.
  • Provide an administrative interface to streamline system management and reporting functions.

User Interactions

  • Student perspective
    • Customized screen with links to LVGH literacy applications and other applications configured by the administrator.
  • Administrator Perspective (Management)
    • Customizing application suite presented to students.
    • Setting target source data for literacy application data sources.
    • Customizing report generation.
    • Viewing and modifying user authentication lists.