OpenMRS Module

The OpenMRS system supports a module system. Modules are compiled into jar files with an .omod suffix and stored in the modules directory.

Creating a simple module

To first setup and create a simple module follow the first five steps in OpenMRS's guide.

Inserting a Link to the module to Adminpage

  • In your config.xml file under metadata folder uncomment the section titled <!-- Extensions -->,
<!-- Extensions -->

<!-- /Extensions -->
  • Be sure to that your replace all references to basicmodule with the new name of your project which you may select.
  • Switch into Java perspective which is located in the upper right hand corner of eclispe below the eixt botton.
  • Edit your file in extention html to insert this line of code in to the function public Map<String, String> getLinks()

before your return the map but after you declare it.

map.put("module/yourmodulename/somepage.htm", "some link text");
  • To make this link display text or functions, under your web folder → module → create a somepage.jsp file