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is displayed which the user can then print using a print button on the page.
is displayed which the user can then print using a print button on the page.
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* [[Media:HLearnLaunchReport.doc| Launch Report]]
* [[Media:HLearnLaunchReport.doc| Launch Report]]

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Sarah Thayer (Trinity College)


The tool is to be used by a trained screening specialist in order to help and converse with an adult student looking for help to learn English. It allows the user to input the student's

  • name and date of birth
  • home and work address (if applicable)
  • which address to use to locate the nearest literacy center
  • phone number (if applicable)
  • literacy information
    • native country and language
    • whether the student had taken any English classes before
    • how long the student has lived in the US
    • student's level of comfort with different aspects of the English language (reading, writing, etc.)

Next, the tool uses the preferred address and the addresses of literacy centers in Hartford to determine the nearest one (as the crow flies) using Google Maps. Based upon that information, the screening specialist makes an appointment for the student (offline - given the center's name, address, hours and phone number) and inputs this information into a form. Finally, a page including

  • appointment information
  • map
  • directions
  • literacy center information
  • student information
  • student's literacy information

is displayed which the user can then print using a print button on the page.


HLearn Files


Immediate To-Do's

  • The username and password for HPL's MySQL server is needed in order to communicate with the database
  • Once an external web address has been determined, a new Google Maps API key is needed to function within the tool. This can be done by going to and putting the key into the config.php file.
  • Security: the login and session id's need to be included in the files for security of information and use of the tool. It might be easier to combine 2 html files into their respective php files: login.html -> login.php, address.html -> address.php, literacy.html -> literacy.php.
  • logout.php does not return to the login page
  • Note: the config.php file should be inacessible online - you should not be able to go to, for example, to view it. The full filepath will need to be updated in the 'include' method in each php file.
  • printing: choose which components of the final page to print so that the formatting is not messed up.

Future Enhancements

  • Make the entire system more dynamic
  • Local access to the database: perform queries, add/edit/remove literacy centers and corresponding information
  • Reporting system: track which centers 'register' which students and how many.