User:Antonio/Summer 2010 HPL proposal


Project A: Core kiosk and progress tracking for literacy lab

  • A staff member signs up students electronically, capturing their personal information and library card ID.
    • The staff member selects which applications (Lexia, etc) will be available to the student.
    • Accounts for the learning applications (Lexia, etc.) still must be created manually.
  • Students sign in at the lab computers with their username and password.
    • Only the applications designated as available to that particular student will be accessible.
    • Students must sign in to each application separately, as they do currently.
  • Automatically, at a scheduled interval (probably nightly), the AppTrac system collects progress information about all students from the learning applications, and updates a central database with this information.
  • At any time, staff members may access the following reports:
    • Student report: contains progress information and hours for all applications a student is assigned to.
    • (What other reports do we need?)
    • The reporting interface is password protected to ensure student privacy.
  • There is an automated or mostly-automated procedure to update the HPL Access database with student information collected by the AppTrac system.

Project B: Library card sign-in for literacy lab

  • Enhancement for Project A.
  • Students scan their library card at the front desk of the lab, and are directed to a free lab computer, where they are automatically signed on.
  • We need to make sure this wouldn't conflict with a similar system in the library's other lab. (?)

Project C: Single sign-on for literacy lab

  • Enhancement for Project A.
  • Students are automatically signed into some or all of the learning applications when they sign in, and don't have to re-enter their information
    • This involves extensive reverse-engineering of the applications, and may not be feasible for some (or any) of them. Exploratory testing is needed.

Project D: Library card class sign-in

  • Each student attending class must have a library card.
  • There is a basic computer system at the entrance to each classroom.
    • Each computer must have a working internet connection and a bar code scanner.
  • At the beginning of class, the instructor selects the class they are teaching, then presses a "Start class" button
  • As students enter the classroom, they scan their library card. Their attendance is confirmed on the screen and recorded in a central database.
    • Should we have them sign out on their way out too?
  • At the end of class, after all the students have left, the instructor presses a "Stop class" button.
    • (If making the professor wait for everyone to leave is undesirable, we could do something more flexible.)

Project E: Modernization of current Access database system

  • Create a system to replace the current Access-based database
  • Not sure of scope; need to collect requirements