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The following screen shot shows what the page to view project details looks like.
The following screen shot shows what the page to view project details looks like.
<center> [[Image:projdetails.jpg|Project details for a volunteer]}
<center> [[Image:projdetails.jpg|Project details for a volunteer]]
The screen also consists of a table showing other volunteers assigned to the same project, along with their pictures.  
The screen also consists of a table showing other volunteers assigned to the same project, along with their pictures.  

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Welcome to the Users Guide for the Volunteer Management Module, where understanding and using Volunteer Management Module is made easier.



The Volunteer Management Module, is a multi functional program that allows volunteers to register as system user to edit and update their personal information at any given time with a secure password and security features that enhance the Volunteer Management Module.

It should be made sure, however, that during installation of a new Volunteer Management module, the Access Control featured should be enabled so that access restriction and constraints can be applied to different people with different levels of authority and privileges in the system, later. This implies that there needs to be at least one person with with 'main operations handler' (mainops) status for administrative purposes.

Welcome Screen

The welcome screen might look different depending on various organizations or systems using the Sahana software. But however, the framework should look similar with a menu for different modules on the left and a user log-in area with username and password field right underneath it. The example provided here has a stripped down Sahana menu with just the VM module and the Administration modules, along with the user log-in feature:

Welcome Screen

New Registration

  • New users must first click on the Volunteer Management menu item on the left where they will be presented with a registration screen, where they can register with all the required information and hit submit. There is also a provision to optionally upload a picture for the user. If there is not record of personal information of a new registrant in the system, then the Volunteer Management Module will be inaccessible.
  • Once a user name and password has been created for the Volunteer Management Module, all registered users must login with their user name and password to further explore the module.
  • Once a user is logged in to the Volunteer Management Module, he/she will be able to access and change personal information at any time. However levels of restriction may be placed on accessing certain pages. This is under the control of the main operations handler or the site/project manager, positions which people can sign themselves up for and wait for approval or positions which the mainops or site manager assigns to registered people.

Log In

Log in brings you a whole bunch of features that you can do as volunteers or administrators as the system. This is what a typical screen looks like when a user is logged in:

Login Screen

After being logged in, there is a number of things the user can do. If logged in as as volunteer, he/she can access the Volunteer Management option from the menu to see a list of features like viewing his/her info, accessing the mailbox, register to volunteer for a project (if that hasn't been done already) or view a list of projects he/she has been assigned to. Also, the user can change his/her details, change password, view the mailbox (check the inbox, outbox and send out messages) and of course, log out.

Page after log in for a volunteer

The following screen shot shows what the page to view project details looks like.

Project details for a volunteer

The screen also consists of a table showing other volunteers assigned to the same project, along with their pictures.

The mailbox feature is another feature that the volunteers can access.

= Levels of Access control =

Levels of access control are given to volunteers depending on permission by validating a user to view or change sensitive information pertaining to project(s) and volunteer(s).

* The Volunteer Management Module is setup to restrict the amount of sensitive information that a user may be able to view or change depending on the level of access.
* Level of access control determines the amount of information that will be displayed to a user. 
* If a user is not of the correct level of access to view sensitive information, restriction will be applied to the users permission access to determine what is viewable and what is restricted to the user.
 == Volunteer ==
 __Basic Volunteers __
* Basic  volunteers information and viewable information are limited to the minimum levels of access.
  As registered users, volunteers have only permitted levels of access which consist of:

* Menu: Projects

             - Only permitted to access and view the projects that they are assigned to. 
             - Project Details 
             - Description 
             - Specialties Needed
             - Assigned Volunteers to that specific project.  

- No permission to view/access informaiton about the Site Manager or other working volunteers of that specific project; Denied access alerts will be displayed.

       * Menu: Messaging 
             - The sub-menu of messaging will allow you to view your In box, Out box, Send Messages
             - Gives the option to delete messages in their In box or Out box	
       * Menu: Edit Your Details
             - Volunteers are able to access or change the information they registered with.
             - Volunteers can also upload pictures of their selves and change any basic information as needed.
       * Menu: Change Password
             - Changing users password at any time is easily accessible; Passwords are unique and only viewable to and higher levels of permission access.  

 __ Advance Volunteer or Administrator __

Higher level access users are able to view all the basic information as a Volunteer but with added features that are only given to Site Managers and Operation Managers. These level of access enables these specific users to view sensitive information pertaining to a volunteer(s) and project(s). Higher Levels of access allow these approved users by Sahana Administration to edit,delete and add volunteers to any project or to delete a project or change that project information at any time.

Product Installation

* If you have not installed Sahana make sure that the 'vm' folder is located inside of the 'mod' folder and Sahana will take care of running the program for you.
* If not, place the 'vm' folder inside of the 'mod' folder, then you will need to run the dbcreate.sql file on your database.
The dbcreate script is located in the 'ins' directory.

Product Maintenance

* Updates and maintenance of the Volunteer Management Module will be done by the Sahana team and are focused on future enhancements and efficiency of the Volunteer Management Module. 
* The system is geared to minimizing and eliminating all bugs or problems within the module that may slow down or stop the Volunteer Management Module from working effectively.