Week Two Schedule




  • 9:30 AM Spring Framework Part II: MVC
  • 11:00 AM
  • 1:30 PM Group Project Assignments


  • 9:30 AM Spring Framework Part III: Hibernate
  • 11:00 AM
  • 1:30 PM Group Project Assignments


  • AM Group Project Assignments
  • PM Group Project Assignments


  • 10:00 AM Allen Tucker, Visiting Lecture
  • 2:00 PM Group Progress Reports
  • 3:30 PM InSTEDD Conference Call

Week Two Group Activities

All Groups

  • Create a wiki page for summer project
  • Create and/or become familiar with appropriate subversion repositories

Sahana Team Objectives Week 2

  • Develop a plan for modifications and enhancements
    • EG: Credentialing, sample databases, localizations
  • Identify existing bug reports and perform bug fixes
  • Update VMOSS for internationalization
  • Bring VMOSS and VM into conformity

Posit Objectives Week 2

  • Document Android architecture
  • Document Posit architecture
  • Build an integrated functioning demo prototype

AppTrac Team Objectives Week 2

  • Read current requirements and design documents
  • Download and inventory (document) all existing source code
  • Visit LVGH and meet Khaiim and Carlos
  • Produce a final (revised and relatively complete) requirements document

OpenMRS Team Objectives Week 2

  • Read OpenMRS projects and choose individual projects
  • Read about and implement Giovanni's Touchscreen module
  • Complete part III of the OpenMRS Exercise (Customize home page without changing API)
  • Identify and perform a trivial bug fix

InSTEDD Team Objectives Week 2

  • Read tutorial materials on Support Vector Machines
  • Download and perform SVM exercises using libsvm
  • Identify possible project specifications