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Getting Started - Learning Computing
We're offering three courses next semester which are open to students who've never taken a computing course. So if you'd like to learn more about computing, or even just want to fulfill your math requirement, give these a look!

115 - Introduction to Computing
The first step for any aspiring computer scientist, (or anyone interested in computing,) 115 covers the fundamental principles of programming, which lie at the heart of every modern application, from GPSs to Microsoft Word to Facebook. Even if this is the only Computer Science course you ever take, you'll walk away with the ability to break down a problem and see how code can help you make it happen.
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110-01 - Computers, Information, and Society
Computing has become an integral part of our everyday lives. This course takes a look at how computers do what they do, and the ramifications of their current universal role. Specifically, this course will use the fundamental languages of the internet (HTML, CSS, and javascript) to explore these topic by allowing students to build their own webpages.
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110-05 - Interactive Computer Graphics
Computer Graphics play a key role not only in modern cgi and video games, but in medicine, engineering, and all fields of scientific research. This course offers a look into the ways these images are generated and how they can be used, and lets students render their own images in a series of hands-on labs.
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Computing at Trinity

Check out the newly created Trinlist, a Craigslist for Trinity students! Built by Junior Cotter Phinney!
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Computing in the World.
Computing is global and diverse, and the skills you learn here can find their place anywhere. Check out some recent developments in medical science and a discussion from the New York Times on why woman are largely missing from the computing world, and what can be done to fix it.

Women, Jobs, and Computing
The Computer Science major also offers some of the best job prospects and more flexibility than almost any other field of study. But it has always been male dominated, and has only gotten moreso over the past ten years. This New York Times article talks about why that may be, and what can be done to fix it.
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Computing vs Cancer
If you think doctors are the only ones looking for a cure for cancer, welcome to the welcome to the newest front in the fight against Cancer: Computer Science.
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